29 Nov 2018

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The #gensduvieux have heart – buy the gift of giving this season

The #gensduvieux have heart – buy the gift of giving this season

Now is the time of year to speak of the fundraising efforts organized by the Old Montreal SDC and Allied for the benefit of Moisson Montréal and Accueil Bonneau, and to discover the #gensduvieux who have heart – your engaged neighbours and business owners that allow you, as citizen consumers, to also make a difference!

For people and animals

BKIND : Horses and humans

The ladies behind the small vegan cosmetics brand BKIND are also as soft and sweet as their products! And they stand for two causes at the same time: “good for people, good for animals” and “good for the self-esteem”.

  • 3% of their sales go toward RefugeRR, a shelter resembling Noah’s ark, where all saved animals can find a little bit of respite and a whole lot of affection; notably their many equine residents!
  • UNTIL THE 5TH OF DECEMBER, their shop is participating in The Media Food Drive, and will serve as a collection point. But what’s more, to thank you for your donations, you can receive a discount on BKIND products!

1 food item = 5% off, 2 food items = 10%, 3 or more food items = 15%

For the women

Naïf : For the encouragement of women’s rights via professional integration

The Montreal brand Naïf is working with Dress for Success, an organization that aims to help women of all backgrounds integrate with the job market and therefore ensure their financial independence. You can get a lovely postcard, created in collaboration with the talented Québécoise illustrator Isabelle Feliu, and you will be happy to know that the entirety of profits from these sales will be disbursed to the organization.

“Female character expresses its power in part thanks to their clothing. And that is a power that we would like to offer to every woman,” Naïf explains. Its meticulous and minimalist collections are an ode to style and simplicity!

Yoga Vieux-Montréal is a collection point!

For 5 years now, a collection box has been available at the Yoga Vieux-Montréal studio, where they accept different kinds of donations, including: clothing, makeup, gift cards, and non-perishable items, which are donated to Chez Doris, a shelter that has welcomed women in situations of extreme hardship for 40 years in Montreal. The love and compassion that one develops on the mat sometimes travels a path longer than you think, and in this case it can reach all the way to the women who need it most!

For the children :

Luna Yoga, help children realize their dreams

The yoga studio, Luna Yoga, is teaming up with the Make A Wish Foundation, which aims to fulfill the dreams of children who are gravely ill and affected by very difficult diagnoses. The compassion and gratitude from the mat extends to the outside world…

Noël Éternel, Annex to Santa Claus’ workshop

2018 marks the 15th year that the store Noël éternel has repaired decorations, figurines and snow globes with minor scratches or dings, and donated them to a school in a more disadvantaged area of Montreal. The goal is to offer these students the possibility to celebrate Christmas with presents for their family and for their very own!

When the holidays and school change the perspective of living together for the better, its give, offer, receive, and smile!

For our elders:

The Sir-George-Étienne-Cartier National Historic Site, and their unique letters!

In this place brimming with history, an exhibit on letters to Father Christmas promises definitive cheer this season! The Sir George-Étienne Cartier National Historic Site is organizing a handmade card development workshop, inspired by the Victorian era. Furthermore, this becomes a chance to make a nice gesture: participants are invited to prepare a personalized card, then those collected cards will be sent to the Little Brothers organization. This is the second year of gathering holiday mail to combat the solitude and isolation of our older generation; a solid and solidary gesture!

Bagnoles et Bobinette, a tight-knit mesh to prevent a missing thread

You have no doubt passed by this little storefront with thousands of balls of yarn that get prettier and more colourful as you look! Up to and including December 22nd, the toy and games shop, Bagnoles et Bobinette on rue St-Paul is participating in the “Une famille tricotée serrée” campaign, held by Little Brothers. If you are searching for some new Christmas ornaments, this is the place to get them! They are selling for $7 dollars each, the price representing the cost of visiting an “Old Friend”. No need to peer into one of the crystal ornaments to divine your next step; the organization aiming to break the isolation of lonely aged individuals just thanks you to go forth and decorate your tree with a little love!

PS: If you bring in your own knit ornament, receive an immediate discount of $5 in-store.

For the impoverished:

L’Assommoir : Nez at our side to take on cancer

L'Assommoir is teaming up with Nez pour Vivre for the Pop Up 360° event, a benefit gala held on December 13th. Its objective, to collect as much as possible to benefit this organization that helps young adults from 18 to 35 years old who are afflicted with cancer.

L’Amour du Pain, a Love of Bread brings people together

For the entire year, if bread or pastries go unsold, the team at L’Amour du Pain will give its surplus stock to different organizations that support people in need; Nothing is lost when creating, especially when it comes to forming the relationships that link us together! It is a beautiful initiative for togetherness, and one responsible for reducing waste to just crumbs!

Mandy’s, sisters to everyone!

Owners of Mandy’s restaurants, the Wolfe sisters put together the Welcome Collective, and the result of their project has in a way made society a melting pot as joyful as their colourful salads! Members of the administrative board and largely involved in the effort, their organization helps allow immigrant families in situations of hardship to better integrate into Quebec society.They organized their first fundraiser for the Collective during last October and seem to be showing some strong momentum!

Some may call them temporary fixes to a hopeless situation, certainly, but these initiatives bring a lot to those who are in need and for whom each small gesture makes all the difference. It is never too late to make the holidays a better time for a huge number of those around us…

Are you engaged in a cause? Tell us which one, and we would be happy to share the information!