03 Jun 2019

Time 2 minutes

Stylish for the F1

Stylish for the F1

The Grand Prix 2019 is the perfect occasion for the gentlemen to dress up! If you don’t know where to start to put together the perfect outfit for the F1 then don’t worry: the establishments of the Old-Montreal have everything figured out for you!

To dress the eyes – Bar à Lunettes

© Bar à Lunettes

Now that the sun is starting to show up in Montreal, it’s important to remember to protect your eyes! For the Grand Prix, why not do that in style? For the occasion, Bar à Lunettes has selected for you a stylish pair of glasses in two different colors! Modern and sophisticated, they will go perfectly with any outfit!

Sophisticated every day, all day– Clusier

© Clusier

For years, Clusier has been dressing men in an elegant style and for the Grand Prix 2019, they have selected for you two outfits that you’ll love! Here’s how the shop describes the first outfit: “The unlined Luigi Bianchi Mantova jacket pairs beautifully with a CLUSIER linen shirt and a light Re-Hash cotton pants. Add the final touch with a stretch woven belt by Anderson’s!”

As for the second outfit, here’s what they have to say: “Add some color to your wardrobe with the vibrant and sophisticated outfit. A bright jacket will remain elegant when worn with understated trousers and color coordinated accessories.”

A touch of fantasy - Fluevog Shoes

© Fluevog Shoes

If you are looking for an original pair of shoes that will surprise your acquaintances, then Fluevog Shoes is the shop for you! Located on Saint-Paul Street, the shop is offering a large range of shoes that will go perfectly in your wardrobe. For the F1, why not go for a funky style with their Flaming Derby made with recycled rubber soles! And if you want a sober look, no problem: their wonderful lace-up ankle boots with add the final touch to your outfit. Classic or extravagant, it’s as you wish at Fluevog Shoes!