04 Jun 2019

Time 2 minutes

Special F1 - Family activities

Special F1 - Family activities

The Grand Prix 2019 is a very anticipated event, especially for the younger generation! For the occasion, come spend the day in the Old-Montreal, there are plenty of activities for everyone in the family!

To get ready for this busy day, we recommend taking a good breakfast at the McQueen’s Cafe! Waffles, croissants, bagels…there’s something for everyone! Don’t forget to snap some pictures with their miniature car that was set up especially for the F1. It will make a great souvenir!

© McQueen's Cafe

Afterward, you should head out to do some shopping and take a walk in St Paul Street where many kiosks were installed especially for the Grand Prix! We really recommend the shop F1 Boutique Montreal, it is a real paradise for all the F1 fans! You will find clothes, accessories, miniature cars and many other items to celebrate this great event. And if you want to please your younger children, the shop Bagnoles & Bobinettes offers a large range of toys, books and beautiful clothes!

© F1 Boutique Montréal // © Bagnoles & Bobinettes

This shopping session will probably make you hungry! In that case, you should stop at Bar à Beurre for lunch! They have prepared a special F1 themed lunch box for the occasion with a panini, car shaped cookies and lemonade. A real delight that will surely please the children!

In the afternoon, we have the perfect activity for you! The whole family will shiver with excitement while listening to the guides of the Montreal Ghosts tour that will take you through the streets and tell you about fascinating ghost stories that happened in our city in the past. The experts of Guidatour will definitely help you see Montreal in a brand-new way!

At 4:30PM, we suggest the show Alegria by Cirque du Soleil! This show is a true classic that has been around for years now, but the people of Montreal can’t get enough of it! Don’t miss it, the Cirque du Soleil offers family discounts that allow you to save up to 20% on your tickets (and don’t forget to book in advance)!

© Comptoir 400 // © Photo by @eonnigiri

After such a long day, you should have some family time in a convivial atmosphere! The children will love the Italian restaurant Comptoir 400 and their exquisite pizzas! If you’re not into pizza, no problem, they also have wonderful Bruschettas that will leave you speechless!