05 Jun 2020

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Picnicking Among Nature and History

Picnicking Among Nature and History

Whether you are dropping by one of the many restaurants offering take-out service or bringing your bento from Lunch à Porter, there is no better way to fully enjoy the beautiful summer season than by settling in for a picnic at one of the pretty parks or squares in the historic district!

From east to west, here are a few places you should consider unfolding your checkered tablecloth.

Place Vauquelin

From a religious institution site to a prison, as well as a fire station, a courthouse, and more, this place bursting with thousands of life stories located next to the town hall will let you literally step back in time.

Place de la Dauversière

Only a few steps from Place Jacques-Cartier and just opposite the town hall, the way the tables of Place de la Dauversière are laid out offers a recessed space with shaded areas that make for a great place to settle down for lunch.

Place D'Armes

At the center of the action, between Notre-Dame Basilica and several large banks, Place d'Armes bears the traces of the city's evolution. There is the Bank of Montreal, founded in 1817, as well as the oldest building in Montreal, the Vieux Séminaire Saint-Sulpice, built in the 17th century.

Cours Le Royer

A true oasis in the middle of Old Montreal, Cours Le Royer is marked by its mercantile past. Located between Saint-Sulpice and Marie-Morin streets, this green space is ideal for spreading out the blanket for a picnic among the flowers.

Parc St-Jean

Bordered by Notre-Dame, St-Jean, and l'Hôpital streets, this park offers everything you need for a lunch break: tables, benches, greenery. The only thing you need to bring is your meal!

Place de la Grande-Paix

The Place de la Grande-Paix is ​​ideal if you want to experience a slice of history. Taking its name from the treaty signed between the French and the Natives ending the conflict surrounding the fur trade in 1701, this space between the Pointe à Callière museum and Place d'Youville allows you to learn more about one of the brightest moments of the city’s history while also enjoying a relaxing moment in the shade.

© Photo Credit Geneviève Giguère