03 Jun 2016

Time 3 minutes



This weekend, crowds of Grand Prix enthusiasts from all over the world will flood the streets of Montréal. Old Montreal is already renowned for its charm and great restaurants and has even more to offer you with its blooming fashion industry. You’ll be able to shop at a wide variety of boutiques and designer studios which have become well established over the last five years. This flourishing activity has brought me to suggest some of the crème de la crème so that you can celebrate in style over the next four exciting days.

This weekend will be one that will host many outdoor activities and chic evening events. The challenge will therefore be to adapt your style depending on which event you wish to attend. This shopping guide shines a light on Old Montreal’s best boutiques to give you an idea of where you’ll be heading for new looks during the Grand Prix!

  1. Dining out on the district’s terraces

While making your way from one terrace to another on the #CircuitSaintPaul, you can get away with wearing whatever you want, just have a good time! Just make sure to check out the weather and then anything from dresses to Capri pants will do. However, don’t forget to bring a vest, because temperatures tend to drop at night on even the warmest of days. Here are my suggestions for boutiques that will give you that perfect terrace-hopping look: Cahier d’exercices & Travis Taddeo

  1. On the F1 track

For those who are going to see the races, know that comfort reigns over all else! You will probably end up taking the metro to get to the track, so lace up a pair of comfortable shoes before you leave — you will be doing a lot of walking! Also, unless the weather forecast shows absolutely no chance of rain, bringing a light raincoat or windbreaker is always a good idea. Here is my suggestion for a boutique that offer great styles for when you’re at the track: SSENSE

  1. Classy evening styles

The Grand Prix is also the time to dress up, especially if you’ll be attending some exclusive parties, so bring out the heavy artillery and party on in style! Since I find it important to support local talent (something of which we are not short of!), I have put together a list of the district’s designers who embody the styles of the most renowned international fashion designers. Here are my suggestions for boutiques that will amaze you with many of most chic ensembles: Denis Gagnon & Travis Taddeo

  1. Walking around town

During your free time, I really recommend that you take a while to stroll through the district; the experience is really worth it (especially the historical district if have not yet been on an extensive journey across it and through time)! For this activity, don’t spend too much time in front of the mirror, just put on a t-shirt, some jeans and some flat heel shoes — a simple and comfortable look. Here is my suggestion for a boutiques to stop by while walking around for some walking around styles: Chance

Here’s hoping that this (non-exhaustive) list will be useful to you and will entice you to take some time to find the styles that are right for you for Grand Prix weekend in Montréal. Those who love wearing high-quality clothing will love this circuit, designed to wow you with many unique styles!

Happy shopping!