12 Jul 2021

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Old Montreal: What’s new in 2021?

Old Montreal: What’s new in 2021?

In spite of the complexities brought on by the pandemic, Old Montreal remains fertile ground for local business, and the historic neighbourhood has effectively retained its status as a foodie destination. For proof, look no further than the many new restaurants that have opened over the past few months! We would like to welcome them to our beautiful neighbourhood, and take the opportunity to show them to you!

New Menus And New Tastes; 6 Restaurants Hit The Scene!

Benny & co, 201 Saint-Jacques Street

This Quebec franchise is launching a new, more urban concept that still retains the family style that has defined it since its beginning! With its affordable menu, quality ingredients, and happy hours set in a relaxed atmosphere, we bet that proprietor Samuel Séguin will begin to see his share of regulars before long.

Verdura, 640 Saint-Paul Street West

At the same address as Stilllife, Verdura offers creative salads with bold combinations that are perfect for a summertime lunch! We love their streamlined menu and the freshness of their dishes you can enjoy in store, on their terrace, or on the go!

Burger fiancé, 417 Notre-Dame Street West

Félix Gagnon’s challenge was to introduce a vegan diet to his family members, who did not like this cuisine prior. Proud of having won over these skeptic gourmands, he discovered a true passion for plant-based cuisine which he has pushed over the past few years, culminating in the opening of his own restaurant. Decadent and vegan? Say no more!

Bvrger, 401 Notre-Dame Street West

Yup, you read that right: bvrger with a “v”, as in “vegan” or “vegetarian”. And it is Chef Christian Ventura’s signature dish and part of his new gourmand vegan restaurant offerings! After the success of Bloom Sushi, this creator behind Sushi Momo is taking up residence here in our neighbourhood, much to our great excitement!


This lobster bar is expected to open this summer! Stay tuned!

As For Sweets, We’re Welcoming 3 New Businesses!

Ca Lem, 315 Place D’Youville

The third location of this creamery opened in le Vieux during the spring, and ice cream fans have already noticed! We love their classic and unlikely flavours both, and everyone agrees: they make summer the best season of the year!

Dulce, 250B Saint-Paul Street East

Ice cream, churros, crepes, and more; the desserts of this newly opened business are as remarkable as its candy pink storefront, its lively décor, and its signature neon “la Vie est Dulce” sign. Saint-Paul Street East is now even more festive and colourful, and we are here for it!

Zizi pop, 400 Notre-Dame Street East

An explicit concept, much like its name and the shape of its waffles, this new business won’t leave anyone indifferent! Recently teamed up with Loam, this pop-up shop offers a… unique brunch, let’s say!

Coffee, coffee, coffee!

49th Parallel, 488 McGill Street

This shop’s first location outside Vancouver has settled in our neighbourhood! Coffee fans know this brand for their specialty coffees and the choice to expand here was only natural, considering Quebec was the first destination outside of British Columbia where their coffee brand was sold via their website or local distributors. This little gem from the West Coast is on its way!

Micro Espresso Café, 417 Saint-Pierre Street

Decked out in art déco, boasting huge black windows, and filled with equal measures humour and caffeine, we love the concept behind Micro Espresso! They also sell viennoiseries from Chez Potier, another recent neighbour to the area. And just so you’re aware, your poochy pals get a free “puppuccino”, so bring them along when you come by for a coffee!

A New Grocery Opens Its Doors

Chez Potier, 630 Wellington Street

Beyond the excellence of this store’s products, it also has pastry chef Olivier Potier, who offers Montrealers some of the most highly prized desserts in the city. To everyone’s great delight, his cuisine has been expanded in the form of a grocery store, newly opened in Cité du Multimédia and wonderfully filling out the neighbourhood’s gourmet landscape.

A Concept Perfect For Summer

Vamos, 216 Notre-Dame Street West

“Urban and Conscious Mobility” are the first words you’ll see on their website. This young business offers electric scooter rental for neighbourhood exploration! After all, there are so many treasures among our old stones and discovering them astride an electric scooter will add a bit of zest and some fresh air to your visit! You can get a $10 discount on your first reservation, so as their name says, “Let’s go”!


N.B.: Have you also just arrived in the neighbourhood? If your business has recently opened and is not yet mentioned in this list, write to us so we can include it! info@sdcvieuxmontreal.com