21 Oct 2018

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Old Montréal is Going Vegan

Old Montréal is Going Vegan

In Old Montréal, the services offered are very diverse. While travelling its beautiful streets in search of a treatment, a product, a cultural institution, or just to enjoy oneself at a good restaurant is a common interest, certain members of the neighbourhood take it even farther. From the heart of this historic neighbourhood, directly from local businesses, and often the fruits of hard labour, here are some establishments, products, and services that will satisfy vegans and delight everyone.

Do you know these? Are there others that you love? Please let us know!

  • LOV, a small gem on McGill Street, this restaurant works perfectly for professional lunches and boasts an interesting food and wine menu. The service is quick and the personnel is very attentive. Delicately decorated with skilfully administered vintage elements, marble, copper, wood, and plants fit together in a flawless design.
  • B-Kind, on McGill Street as well, is a loft boutique that is bright and welcoming and requires that you ring the doorbell to gain access. Beauty and body care products are little marvels for the skin and nails, and there are even certain products you can get in bulk. They also have biodegradable products, like their bamboo toothbrush - often a victim of its own success!
BKind - SDC Vieux Montréal


  • Bota-bota offers, most notably, a vegan nail polish for manicures and pedicures, and (good to know) you don’t need to access the spa when you reserve these treatments. Of course, if you have the time, we wouldn’t blame you for enjoying a spa experience on the boat with such a beautiful view of Old Montréal…
  • Select par Stéphane, the epitome of trendy Parisian pampering! This brand new aesthetic salon opened at the end of September and it offers a wide range of hair and skin treatments that are all vegan and environmentally-friendly. From La Biosthétique to Maison Jacynthe, there’s no better way to spoil yourself.
  • Kupfert & Kim, the "grain-free, meat-free" concept restaurant is coming to us from Toronto! After its rousing success in the Ontarian metropolis, Kupfert & Kim are setting up a location in Montréal! With its health-conscious and organic menu, the brand works to limit its ecological footprint - but, these nice gestures are not made at the cost of decor or taste! Stunning and tasty, this restaurant offers healthy food in a quick service setting where you leave feeling well cared for!