22 Mar 2022

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Sweets Season in Old Montreal

Sweets Season in Old Montreal

This year, the good weather’s return has brought something magical to Montreal. The sun’s caressing rays, the cool breeze flowing through our hair that has been finally liberated from its pompom tuque prison, the reopening of many of our favourite businesses… And among our top impulse traditions: the sugar shack and its countless delights! But there’s no need to travel out to the country to satisfy a sweet tooth. Several businesses in the historic neighbourhood are offering myriad variations on spring’s liquid gold.

1- Breaking Bread

Les Glaceurs, 453, Saint-Sulpice Street

You simply must visit this cake wonderland and try out their new and particularly decadent miniature treat. The team at Glaceurs have concocted a cupcake just for the season: a small vanilla cake topped with maple buttercream icing, and all topped with a mini chocolate dipped cone filled with maple taffy. Nothing less than the finest!

L’Amour du pain, 369, Place d’Youville

Now we make a small detour to see the passionate folks at L’Amour du pain to pick up one of their sweet season specialties: thick tartes, pecan bread, flaky maple syrup and blueberry braids, or some of their iced croissants.

Taverne Gaspar’s Temporary Sugar Shack, 89 de la Commune Street East

There’s nothing like the warm, welcoming atmosphere of a sugar shack and the comfort of a great, yet simple food. This spring, you’re going to want to go to the urban sugar shack on de la Commune! There are menus and brunch selections themed especially around maple, which you will be able to enjoy in the unique setting of downtown Old Montreal!

Les Moulins La Fayette, 245, Saint-Jacques Street

In this Old Montreal bakery, they take maple season seriously! This year, they’re selling a trilogy of desserts: millefeuille, choux buns with maple crème pâtissière, and a mousse cake. From Moulins La Fayette, you can also expect top-tier bread, maple-flecked cookies, popcorn, maple caramel-filled chocolates, a sugar shack sampler for two, grilled cheese and maple bacon sandwiches, and the list goes on…

Benny & Co., 201, Saint-Jacques Street

Yes, we’re recommending this rotisserie in the list! Why not treat yourself with their take on poutine that is a bit more… sweet? Benny & Co. swapped the fries out for churros, the shredded cheese for marshmallow, and the barbecue sauce for a maple syrup dulce de leche. They’re also offering a maple caramel tarte.

Chez Potier, 630, Wellington Street

This gourmet grocery store is selling two savoury desserts created just for the season. Chez Potier's signature maple-grapefruit flavoured religieuse, and a maple pain de Gênes (a cake made from an almond base). Yum!

Le Beau Marché, 366, Notre-Dame Street West

We like to visit Le Beau Marché for the La Fabrik products they carry: butter, caramels, popcorn… And we hang around for a little while longer to taste their sandwich inspired by the classic American dish, chicken and waffles. Fans of salty and sweet will be floating in the clouds!

Le Petit Dep, 461, Saint-Sulpice Street and 179, Saint-Paul Street West

In the charming locations of Petit Dep, you can find so many gift ideas for your friends and family… and even yourself! You have so many choices: nut butters with a touch of maple syrup, an original pine maple flavoured dark chocolate bar, chocolate-themed postcards, or the La Bûcheronne box, which includes beer, chocolate, syrup, mustard, honey, and more…

Mr. Puffs, 438, Place Jacques-Cartier

We all know these little airy desserts that come in several exquisite flavours. If you’re a fan of sugar shacks, you can order a box of Mr. Puffs’ traditional Greek donuts, as well as a milkshake – both in maple crème flavour.

Chez Mère-Grand, 800, Berri Street

The display cases showing off this fine grocery’s delicious products remind us of our grandma’s desserts from when we were kids. Chez Mère-Grand celebrates sugar season with a silky custard flan and homemade granola.

Presse Café, 485, McGill Street

This well-known chain has a menu complete with springtime flavours! Take yourself to Presse Café for a panini, a muffin, a danish, or a pound cake. Their fresh flavours will make you think they’ve all come straight from a sugar shack!

Délices érable & cie, 84, Saint-Paul Street East

Our list would not be complete without this restaurant dedicated to this liquid amber gold! At Délices érable & cie, you will find dozens of variations on this flavour that is dear to our hearts: butters, candies, caramels, cookies, popcorn, mustards, spices, syrups, teas, vinaigrettes, and so many gift sets.

2- Time For A Coffee Break

Boutique Chocosina, 406 Saint-Sulpice Street

What a wonderful marriage of flavours chocolate and maple is! That’s why it’s no wonder the creations from the experts at Chocosina really catch our eye! When we want something to go with our coffee, or to make an impression at a gathering, we immediately go for their dark chocolate, caramel maple, and raspberry maple ganaches, or their maple pecan fudge. And for the more discerning palates, they also have maple and dark chocolate logs!

Café Van Houtte, 20, Notre-Dame Street East and 100, McGill Street

Café Van Houtte is celebrating the grand arrival of the good weather! Our heart wavers between three different chai teas, their cold-brew coffee, the vegan Ruby latte, the matcha, and their classic latte, all of which are elevated by maple! And if you want a snack, they have cranberry maple pecan bread in either sandwich form or toasted, as well as a rustic pecan tarte.

Paquebot Café, 520, Saint-Laurent Boulevard

At this charming place, they serve an unforgettable maple and toasted hazelnut flavoured café au lait, prepared with a syrup made in-house. Paquebot Café definitely knows how to get our attention!

Café Dépôt, 500 Place d’Armes and 383, Saint-Jacques Street West

You should stop by Café Dépôt this spring for a cold brew, some matcha, a latte, or one of their maple syrup scones. Something sweet to get you recharged for the day!

Muffins Plus, 383, Saint-Jacques Street

At Muffins Plus, they are offering maple flavoured muffins, scones, galettes, and cakes. If you have a particularly strong sweet tooth, then you can even push the envelope even further by pairing your snack with a creamy coffee drink, also flavoured with the star syrup of the season.

3- Un peu de shopping

La Boutique boréale, 8, Saint-Paul Street East

To express your love for all things maple, you can get yourself one or several pieces of jewellery made with real leaves from these majestic trees. La Boutique boréale sells maple-themed rings, earrings, and pendants, available in silver, gold, or stainless steel.

Boutique Bonjour Montréal, 421, Place Jacques-Cartier

This cave of wonders isn’t just for tourists! It’s the perfect place to uncover original finds. This spring at Bonjour Montréal: a Mlle Catherine crêpe mix set with their branded syrup, maple bacon flavoured hot chocolate mix, maple leaf printed shoes, as well as a sugar shack candle with a warm, crackling wooden wick.

Le Magasin général du Vieux-Montréal, 34, Saint-Paul Street West

In this well-stocked business, a small aisle has been devoted to this gastronomic treasure found in our neck of the woods. We like to come to Magasin général to stock up on syrup, but also for home goods, like soaps and candles.

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Photo credit 1 & 2 : Les Moulins La Fayette

Photo credit 3 : Les Glaceurs

Photo credit 4 : Café Van Houtte