26 Nov 2018

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Help! I'm hosting the family for Christmas!

Help! I'm hosting the family for Christmas!

It has been decided. The die has been cast, and the responsibility for organizing this year’s Christmas dinner falls upon you. How should you decorate the table? What food should you serve? What wine and wine pairings should you choose? No need to panic, you’ve got an itinerary and an ideal grocery list to simplify your life! With a history of solving holiday conundrums, set your sights on the enchanting neighbourhood of Old Montreal. Here’s to an incomparable supper, made with an incomparable preparation.

Beautiful floral decorations; a magnificent, vibrant Christmas

The stylish Maison Pepin is hosting workshops every weekend in December (Saturday and Sunday), where you can create your own centrepiece or wreath. For only $75, materials provided, you can discover in one and a half hours how to transform a bundle of pine branches into an elegant, natural-scented decoration that will get you all the admiring complements. Hurry and reserve your spot, places are going fast – especially those close to New Years!

À l'aide! Je reçois pour Noël!

© Maison Pépin

Are you just barely making deadlines? Not exactly a green thumb or lacking any artistic fibre? Drop by Espace Vert Fleuriste, a lovely boutique where you can get green and flowery touches to bring your table to life. Whether you are more minimalist or sophisticated, you will definitely find something here to elevate your décor with a bit of nature this season...

Whip up your meal in three easy steps

Ateliers & Saveurs has garnished their December calendar with some welcome courses that won’t disappoint! On Saturday, December 15th, from 6pm to 9pm, you will learn, in two hours, to prepare a “caramelized apple mille-feuille with an ivory vanilla cream”, a “beet juice and lemon zest risotto, caramelized scallops, and a chive beurre blanc sauce” and a “port and five-spice foie gras terrine”, all while following a sommelier’s suggestions and sampling three glasses of wine.

Once the meal is taken care of, the dishes chosen and the recipes established, move on to Maison Christian Faure. Can’t pass up the traditional Yule log? Okay, but why not reinvent it and make sure it looks as good as it tastes? For that, the Meilleur Ouvrier de France can get you there! For several weeks, the gourmands’ seasonal creations have been popping up on social media: Passion Framboise, Marron Glacé, Royal Grand Cru; the definition of luxury, in the form of a dessert.

À l'aide! Je reçois pour Noël!

© Maison Christian Faure

Entrée, main course, and dessert - the evening is almost complete! But don’t forget the bread! Whether it be toast for an appetizer, a fresh baguette with dinner, or a delicate nut bread, each note brings out the best in its dish, and that’s what they do best at L’Amour du pain*. There are even promotions for those who want to buy in advance: with free bread and a contest, you should spoil yourself for the holidays before there are only crumbs left!

Take care of yourself, and keep on smiling

After going door to door during your holiday shopping, you can find what you need to recharge your batteries at Café Paquebot. Here, you can take a well-earned break and taste their new house kombucha flavor - “Cranberry and Christmas Spice”. Its notes that fizz and tickle the nose are sure to get you back up and running.

For the next day, or even the day before, when everyone has cleared off, or after your kombucha, walk over to the Scandinave Spa In all the rich, but hectic movement of the holidays, and all the people kissing under the mistletoe, shouldn’t there be some extra room to breathe? An interlude of calm and relaxation awaits. No big preparations needed, just bring your bathing suit; bathrobe, sandals, shower products and even a smoothie is included! And the #gensduvieux can also take advantage of substantial discounts on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. But everyone can profit from their packages, like the Early Riser!

À l'aide! Je reçois pour Noël!

© Scandinave Spa

On December 16th, Yoga Vieux-Montréal* is holding a special yoga and meditation session from 4:30pm to 7:30pm that will be held in candlelight and accompanied by a musician. It is a wonderful way to relax during the whole month of December and to let go of the weights burdening you, so that you can take on January and the New Year with a fierce energy!

Benefit from the prime rates in December and maybe grab one of their gift cards to slip under the tree and spread the happiness!

*Special offers from multiple establishments in Old Montreal for the Holidays: Old Montreal Special Offers 2018