10 Dec 2019

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Help! I'm hosting the family for Christmas!

Help! I'm hosting the family for Christmas!

It has been decided, the die has been cast: It’s your turn to organize the family Christmas gathering this year! But… How will you decorate the table? What will you cook? What wines will you choose? Don’t panic just yet. We have concocted the perfect turnkey solution to inspire and simplify your life! Here are the places you need to go to create the perfect Christmas before your guests arrive!

Maison Pepin for a Christmas wreath

Once again, Maison Pepin is offering Christmas wreath creation workshops this year. Whether you come alone or accompanied by a friend or family member, you can create the Christmas wreath that will hang on your front door, making your home look very inviting. This decoration will instantly impress your guests!

The eternal Christmas boutique, for some thematic decorations

Do you need a nice, festive table and a magnificent Christmas tree? Make the obligatory trip to the properly named store Noël éternel! Here, you will definitely find an original set of Christmas mugs to serve coffee or tea in at the end of the evening, as well as this and that to put below your tree! From glittering ornaments to a little Santa-hat-wearing mouse centrepiece figurine, not to mention the Nutcracker sitting proudly at the top of the steps, everything in this store will put you in a holiday mood!

Hambar, for a sumptuous meal

You want a feast for your guests, but you don’t want to spend entire days over the stove to prepare everything. To make the task easier for yourself, call on Hambar, restaurant and caterer. You can personalize your meal: seafood, meat, or vegetarian dishes. You pick, they prepare!

Les Moulins La Fayette, for selection and quality

For something to snack on before supper, or to accompany other dishes, a great baguette is the top choice! Is a baguette too simple for your tastes? Take a quick detour toward Les Moulins La Fayette and tempt yourself by their sourdough or whole-grain bread, or try a special bread, like the olive snail bread, the Sportif bread, or the old cheddar bread! Treat yourself for the holidays! We don’t think that even a crumb will be left by the end of the meal!

Vin dans les voiles, for a most original toast

Whether it be for toasting the end of the year, or just to accompany different your meal’s different dishes, Vin dans les voiles is the destination designed to bring you the perfect private import champagne, red, white, or rosé wine to fulfill your needs. In addition to the variety, their wine list is all organic, natural, and biodynamic. This artisan’s work is at the forefront and these prized wines respect the typicality of the terroir, its vintage, and nature perfectly. Cheers!

Maison Christian Faure, for a dessert worthy of the name

Once your caterer is reserved, you need to turn your thoughts toward the dessert! When we think of pâtisseries, Maison Christian Faure immediately comes to mind. The choice will surely be a difficult one – Should you go with a traditional Christmas log? Macarons stacked in a Christmas tree shape? A creamy chocolate fleur-de-sel tarte? Just thinking about it makes the mouth water!

Bonus stop!

When it comes to preparing meals, you should take into consideration those you know that may be suffering from celiac disease or gluten intolerance. To make sure everyone is included, turn to Boulangerie Le Marquis sans gluten who, as the name suggests, offers gluten-free breads, pastries, and even quiches for a smooth, trouble-free supper that everyone can take part in.