10 Dec 2021

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Help! I'm hosting the family for Christmas!

Help! I'm hosting the family for Christmas!

Updated on Dec 10, 2021

It has been decided, the die has been cast: it’s your turn to organize the family Christmas gathering this year! How will you decorate the table? What will you cook? What wines will you choose? Don’t panic just yet. We have concocted the perfect turnkey solution to inspire and simplify your life! Here are the places you need to go to peacefully prepare for the holidays and, above all else, to help you enjoy the whole process!

Let’s Hit the Grocery Store!

Several groceries and fine groceries have opened in Old Montreal this year, and they perfectly facilitate your shopping for the Christmas supper you have to organize… From premium ingredients to desserts already prepared for you, any helping hand you can get is great to help you avoid stressing out too much and allow you to fully appreciate the magic of the holidays!

Le Beau Marché, fine cheeses, fruits and vegetables, beers, and a helping hand!

No need to run from one side of town to the other to find gourmet cheeses from Quebec or France, fresh fruits and vegetables, craft beers, your baguette and croissants, or even prepared dishes (for in case you might have burned yours or you’d rather spend your time decorating your house). Now you can just push open the front door of this Notre-Dame Street grocery store. We love the almost retro look that gave our little trip to this boutique a bit of a European shopping trip feel.

Good to know, their hours of operation (7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. during the week, and 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekends) are very practical!

Chez Potier, desserts and gourmet dishes

Chez Potier is your top choice for desserts, of course, but also for their variety of hummus (perfect for tapas themed meals). And let’s not forget jarred Quebec cattail hearts, fiddleheads, or gourmet mustard – ready to slip under the tree right alongside a gourmet sampler for a gourmand, or a festive aperitif. When you’re ready to cook, put all the odds on your side with these premium ingredients!

Potier also sells individual desserts, which give you the double advantage of being more COVID-friendly while ensuring you have something for all tastes without having to spend long hours in front of a hot oven.

Aisle 24, ultra practicality

Aisle 24: the solution to simplifying and resolving all our problems with the ingredients we always run out of last minute. Open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, this is THE handiest place to know! Who hasn’t had to interrupt a recipe because you’ve run out of butter, sugar, or that spice that you could have sworn you bought more of… And this new place in the neighbourhood gets rid of that problem entirely! Whew!

Take-home Meals and A Helping Hand From the le Vieux Chefs

Yes, cooking for your guests while listening to your favourite Michael Bublé album can be a great source of happiness, but if you are busy or less versed in using the stove, the chefs of le Vieux can become your elves in the kitchen. All you have to do is place your order… and bring home the feast!

Les Pyrénées, comforting cuisine

Among the establishments in le Vieux offering cooked dishes, you should keep Les Pyrénées in mind. A wonderful boon borne from the quarantine, the proprietor has adapted his famous dishes from Spain and the southwest of France in order for you to enjoy them from your home. Paella for Christmas may have been one of our best ideas...

Desserts to Close Out the Meal

Maison Christian Faure, for a dessert worthy of the name

Once your caterer is reserved, you need to turn your thoughts toward dessert! When we think of pâtisseries, Maison Christian Faure immediately comes to mind. The choice will surely be a difficult one: A traditional Yule Log?

Macarons stacked like a Christmas tree? A creamy chocolate fleur-de-sel tarte?

Our mouths are watering just thinking about it!

Bread For the Table!

Les Moulins La Fayette, for selection and quality

For something to snack on before supper, or to accompany other dishes, a great baguette is the top choice!

Or is a baguette too simple for your tastes? Take a quick detour toward Les Moulins La Fayette and tempt yourself with their sourdough or whole-grain bread. Or try a special bread, like their olive snail bread, their Sportif bread, or their aged cheddar bread! Treat yourself for the holidays! We don’t think there will even be a crumb left by the end of the meal!

Boulangerie le Marquis: meeting your guests’ dietary needs!

When it comes to preparing meals, you should take into consideration those you know that may be suffering from celiac disease or gluten intolerance. To make sure everyone is included, turn to Boulangerie Le Marquis sans gluten who, as the name suggests, offers gluten-free breads, pastries, and even quiches for a smooth, trouble-free supper that everyone can take part in.

L’amour du pain: the name says it all!

The special breads, baguettes, and even their cannelés (our dear favourites!) will be able to jazz up your table and compliment any cheese or dish. We love their savoir-faire and the generous taste of their products will never let you down.

Photos: Les Moulins La Fayette (1), Maison Christian Faure (2), Le Beau Marché (3)