28 Nov 2018

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Gift card ideas: 5 practical alternatives to bring joy

Gift card ideas: 5 practical alternatives to bring joy

This year, don’t be afraid to play it safe! To avoid having your gifts just taken back to the store, instead opt for buying gift cards! They are a simple and effective way to please your closest friends during this holiday season. Here is our selection of 5 great gift cards for the holidays!

For some end of the year relaxation

So much can happen in a year! After all of it, we all certainly need some time to relax, and recharge ourselves for an energetic start to 2019! A special moment of unwinding is therefore the best solution and Scandinave Spa has exactly that, in the form of its gift card for a morning relaxation, including a Swedish massage and access to the baths. Offer an exceptional moment of relaxation to your loved ones to finish out the year right!

For a feast

For the gourmets in your group, look no further! The Experience Old-Montreal gift card is exactly what you need. This card is valid in nine different establishments in the neighbourhood; you can’t go wrong! Italian, Japanese, French and many other kinds of cuisine, this gift is invaluable to the foodie in your life!

Idées cartes-cadeaux : 5 alternatives pratiques pour faire plaisir

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For a moment of peace

Yoga is a discipline that brings harmony and serenity. What better gift can you offer than that? A gift card to Old Montreal Yoga is good to show this practise to those among your loved ones who would benefit from a moment of calm and relaxation or who would profit the most in a structured atmosphere.

© Yoga Vieux Montréal

For the gentlemen

Sometimes we sorely lack imagination when it comes to giving gifts to the men during the holidays. Mantelier specializes in services for men, proposing both haircuts and accessories to meet all needs! It will be a chic and trendy experience that will certainly win the heart of a gentleman.

For some winter comfort

During winter, nothing is better than a good mug of tea to warm up against the cold and leave the stress of the day behind you! Green tea, white tea, Oolong tea… only three flavours among the numerous at tea shop Ming Tao Xuan ! In addition to tea, you will also find elegant porcelain and oriental style jewels! With this gift card, your loved ones will have so many choices that they will not know where to turn their head!

With these 5 gift card for the holidays, you are sure to make someone happy this season! But don’t forget to pamper yourself too, you’ve earned it!