23 Aug 2018

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Encouraging Healthy Eating Among Children!

Encouraging Healthy Eating Among Children!

To encourage the youngest gastronomes, little chefs in the making, young people who like to thrill their taste buds, and ensure as adults to value and educate the pleasure of eating good food and eating well, the Old Montreal is your best ally!


Marché des Éclusiers, an ideal and friendly stop in an incomparable setting with truly genuine products, and producers who are really proud to share their harvest. Because eating well is consuming as well, meeting the producers and knowing where the food comes from helps to nourish the heart and the imagination of the little gourmands.


Evergreen | Bien manger | SDC Vieux-MontréalL'Academie Culinaire offers parent-child classes on varied gourmet topics! You'll find something for every taste! A great opportunity to make an activity without hassle or without a mess to clean afterward, and get to prepare a recipe together. There is no minimum age for parent-child workshops, they only require that the child feels capable and has the taste to discover cooking!And if you are in a hurry but still want to have a healthy meal, you can get one of their delicious frozen meals!


Cookie Stéphanie: the delicious taste of a gourmet cookie or cake, even without gluten or dairy products.


Lunch à Porter: Preparing at home rather than buying everything? It's time to pack! Give pleasure to your eyes and titillate your taste buds, while keeping an excellent thermal level, with these easy-to-use, anti-leak accessories and utensils. Creative and practical, they are irresistible to both kids and grownups!Evergreen | Bien manger | SDC Vieux-Montréal