04 Nov 2021

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Christmas parties in Old Montreal

Christmas parties in Old Montreal

Falalala! The holidays are already here, and while restrictions are still in effect for interior gatherings in Quebec, they still allow for Christmas party gatherings between coworkers. So, here are some Old Montreal businesses’ whose decor and service have that “wow” factor.

Host a Seasonal Happy Hour

Miracle Bar: Your Top Stop

Miracle is to Old Montreal bars that ugly sweaters are to Christmas parties: possessing a timeless kitsch and a precise boldness that walks the tightline between retro and ridiculous, inevitably charming everyone, and at once regressive and ephemeral. There’s no holiday without Miracle Bar (whose profits go to charity) and this year, it’s FINALLY back. So celebrate its return with your colleagues and friends – it’s only around once a year, and the excessive decorations are totally worth the detour. As for our cocktail recommendations: you gotta try the Santa Rex!

For more information (Reservations for groups of 10 people or more): miracle@parliamentmtl.com

Ateliers et saveurs: Get Your Hands Dirty

We love the festive, friendly, and participatory qualities of these workshops that are perfect for food fans who wish to find some good inspiration for their holiday meals, all while enjoying some quality time with colleagues. Laugh, taste, drink, eat, and celebrate with their cuisine classes, chef combats, cocktail courses, classic or game night wine tastings, and combo packages that will break the ice and bring everyone together!

For more information: (514) 849-2866

Reserve a Place and Save Some Dishes

L’Hôtel Gault: Chic Location and Top Service

Nestled at the heart of Sainte-Hélène Street and des Récollets, le Gault is a discrete, yet chic destination that adheres wonderfully to the policy “less is more”. Here, you can meet up in a warm, professional setting. Our hearts are drawn to the library space and its foyer, but there are many spaces available, such as the apartment suites that can accommodate up to twelve people. The feeling of hospitality and service is a major draw to this crown jewel of architecture.

Further information: ventes@hotelgault.com

The Expérience Old Montreal Restaurants and Hotels: Choice and Experience

Well-versed and fastidious in the practice of receiving guests, we appreciate the savoir-faire and experience of the Antonopolus family and their establishments. Let yourself be guided to the kind of experience and gastronomy you’re looking for. From Jacopo to Verses, Maggie Oakes to the Old Port Steak-House, the choice is vast, so reserve your spot now!

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And good to know, among these establishments, the all-new to 2021 Pincette - Bar à Homard is celebrating the holidays with special menus crafted by their chef to set a “magnificent backdrop for all your gatherings”, as stated by their website.

Hotel Saint-Paul: Velvet Design and Festive Interiors

Situated on McGill Street, the very building itself begs to be admired. For those that love velvet, gold, and deep colours, this is your little corner of paradise. With the sleek glamour of its furniture, which we noticed right as we entered the hall, the Saint-Paul feels festive. The hotel holds rooms of different sizes to accommodate groups from 6 to 50 persons, according to safety restrictions in place.

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Maison Pépin: A Scene Straight Out of a Postcard

In a little alleyway at this iconic Old Montreal concept store, the magic works all year round, but can be felt particularly in the winter with its enchanting decor, personalized service, and a unique aesthetic that is kind of like a trip to Europe. They say that among the stones of the alley, the “Pepin” magic wand makes all of their events sparkle…

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Pub Saint Pierre: An International Tour

Your little tour of the world through this business that claims to be “Not your ordinary pub” is supported by the international leanings of its menu and team, and it holds premises on one of the oldest streets in the city. For groups, they offer à la carte menu options and a cheerful spirit in all their sauces!

Further information: jasmine@pubsaintpierre.ca

Elefante: La Dolce Vita with a Spritz of Falala

For an intimate or a larger scale holiday celebration, this Notre-Dame street restaurant is proposing a personalizable space according to your wants and needs. The attention paid to everything, from the decor to the dishes, is a great indication of the hospitality you will find at Elefante. As for the menu, the “cucina della Costiera” will put some much needed sun into your winter!

For more information: 514-842-4242

Fishbone: Give the Gift of the Sea

Lobster, shrimp, oysters, salmon tartare, and a welcoming ambiance: all ingredients for a successful Christmas party that will impress any seafood lover. We love their beautiful dishes, the gourmet aesthetic of each plate, and the depth of flavour. The “wow” factor is already here. As for the rest, all you need to bring is the ambiance and your colleagues!

For more information: 514-849-4424

Reserve a Catering Service

Mlle Catherine

They’re colourful, delicious, and bursting with originality and classic flavours; they’re Mlle Catherine’s perfect scoops of gelato and sorbet. For your happy hour or a catered event, they have that touch of originality that will ensure success to any event with the gourmet joy of a dessert that everyone loves!

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Chez Potier

Set up a few paces from Frères Charron park, Chez Potier’s pastry chef treats us to desserts, as well as savoury dishes and gourmet gift baskets. Alongside his associates, he has honed an expertise that knows how to create a meal that has us licking our fingers at the end!

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N.B.: Does your business or establishment also offer helpful tools for Christmas party organization? Let us know and it would be our pleasure to add it here. Please contact us at info@sdcvieuxmontreal.com