03 Jun 2016

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Chloé Dumont's Circuit

Chloé Dumont's Circuit

The Montreal Grand Prix is coming soon and I understand that you might feel overwhelmed with all the festivities so I wanted to give you my personal recommendations!

From June 9 to 12, Old Montreal is getting an F1 makeover! We’re always hoping that Mother Nature gives us sunny days in order to get the most out of this thrilling weekend. First off, you will see how I have divided my suggestions into categories in order to offer you a wide array of diverse activities that you won’t want to miss out on over the course of the Grand Prix! Without further ado, here they are:

Attention all foodies! I have some very delicious and Instagram-worthy suggestions for you! First off, I would highly recommend the Auberge Saint-Gabriel. They have concocted an elaborate menu for each day of the Grand Prix weekend to highlight the event. For example, on June 9 from 5PM to 9:30PM, they will be hosting a massive BBQ and have invited guest chef Cindy Wollenschlaeger to cater the event. The other nights will feature a Grand Prix special feast and even an Official F1 bagatelle brunch on June 11! How mouth-watering!

For those who want to get the most out of Old Montreal’s nightlife and stay up late or even until the early morn’, I’ve got just the right thing for you. There are tons of bars and clubs in Montréal so it can be difficult to find the perfect place to celebrate this iconic weekend! It mostly depends on your tastes, but I sincerely believe that you won’t be disappointed with Flyjin, a very popular spot in Montréal. On June 8, they will celebrate their 3rd anniversary — another reason to party! On June 9, 10 and 11, they will be inviting DJs like Donald Lauture, Thomas H and Avi Large. June 12 will be a night to remember as they will be hosting their F1 weekend finale party!

While the men are out gazing at loud cars going around in circles, maybe you ladies will be interested in getting away from the noise and the action to do some yoga. I mean, why not?! Yoga Vieux Montréal will be hosting an outdoor Vinyasa Flow free yoga session! So come to Saint-Paul Street, facing the GREEN ZONE, on Friday June 10 from 12PM to 1PM for some R&R for your body and mind. So grab a mat and Namaste!

In order to immortalize your Old Montreal Grand Prix experience, the Montréal ZipLine team will be present in the GREEN ZONE with their photo booth! If you’re feeling up to living the ZipLine experience from 1200 feet in the air, it’ll only cost $19.99 to get your adrenaline pumping!

The F1 weekend is the perfect opportunity to discover or rediscover Montréal, to make the most out of the sun with your partner or friends, to celebrate summer and to simply have a great time! I wish you all the best of times during this ecstatic weekend and I hope that my ideas will have helped guide you in choosing the right place.