12 Aug 2019

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Address book: eat outside in the Old-Montreal

Address book: eat outside in the Old-Montreal

This summer, we offer on the blog a series of articles highlighting different establishments in the Old-Montreal. Now that the sun is here, it’s time to enjoy it! This week, we offer you to eat outside and enjoy the neighbourhood during lunchtime!

When you’re having a picnic, a lunch box is vital! Instead of using disposable cutlery in plastic, the shop Lunch-à-porter offers a good way to reduce your waste thanks to their selection of eco-friendly accessories! You will find lunch-boxes, washable bags or even beautiful bottles and glasses that are easy to carry!

Bocce practice at Espace Éphémère Pigeon Hole
This year again, the Old-Montreal offers you the perfect opportunity to practice bocce at Espace Éphémère Pigeon Hole. From Monday to Friday, you will have the opportunity to enjoy 4 new spaces set up by the Old-Montreal in collaboration with the Ville-Marie borough. You don’t have to be a professional player, the Old-Montreal even offers a free ball rental service for everyone!

Music zone
From Monday to Friday during lunch, come discover new artists with the free concerts of the Place d’Armes Music Zone. It’s the perfect event to entertain yourself while enjoying the sun and a delicious picnic with your friends! The whole program for this summer is available here.

Perché terrace
If you’re not in a mood to cook but still want to eat a delicious meal under the sun, the Perché terrace is the ideal place for you and your group of friends. During summer, the restaurant offers refreshing dishes along with sophisticated cocktails to enjoy while admiring a wonderful view of the neighbourhood!

Photos: Geneviève Giguère