17 Jul 2019

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Address book: Asian restaurants

Address book: Asian restaurants

This summer, we offer on the blog a series of articles highlighting different establishments in the Old-Montreal. This week, you will discover where to eat some of the most refined Asian dishes in the neighborhood !

East Asia

Marusan Comptoir Japonais
Located on Notre Dame West, Marusan Comtpoir Japonais is a restaurant offering authentic Japanese dishes with sushi, donburi, bento box and more! The originality of this restaurant? You can choose your ingredients to design your own sushi! And if you want to eat in the comfort of your house or at the office, no problem! They offer a takeaway service every day!

Kyo Bar Japonais

© Kyo Bar Japonais

The Kyo Bar Japonais is the perfect place for Japanese cuisine lovers! Apart from their sushi bar and delightful sakes and whiskeys, the restaurant also offers delicious and healthy bento boxes that are perfect for your lunch break with the colleagues!

The Flyjin is a bar and restaurant inspired by many Asian countries. They offer an Asian fusion menu, elaborated by the famous chef Antonio Park, along with superb cocktails and a wide range of Japanese alcohol to start your evening properly!

Hanzō Izakaya

© Hanzo Izakaya

This restaurant was inspired by the Japanese izakayas, which are the equivalent of our bistros or tapas bar. Hanzō Izakaya is a bar and restaurant offering elaborated dishes and sophisticated cocktails that you can enjoy in an elegant decor with your friends or your lover.

South Asia

For more than 15 years, the restaurant Gandhi has been welcoming the people of the Old-Montreal to make them discover the many flavors of Indian cuisine. You will find in this restaurant, traditional dishes such as tandoori or butter chicken along with Indian music for a full immersion. Moreover, the Gandhi also offers vegetarian alternatives and gluten-free dishes!

Le 409

© Le 409

The restaurant Le 409 is the perfect place to sip a colorful cocktail with your friends during the Happy Hour! This Indian-inspired restaurant offers a great variety of delectable dishes, from appetizer to dessert! Soups, spicy mussels, crème brûlée, tea… Let them take you on this culinary trip, you won’t regret it!

Southeast Asia

Hà Restaurant
Come discover the culinary tradition of Southeast Asia! The Hà restaurant is inspired by traditional Vietnamese restaurants, and they will welcome you in a convivial atmosphere every day. You will find classic dishes, influenced by the traditional Vietnamese cuisine and the Laotian culture and prepared with high-quality ingredients.