11 Aug 2020

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Address Book: Get a Taste of Europe in le Vieux

Address Book: Get a Taste of Europe in le Vieux

Are you interested in a culinary getaway? Take a European voyage through the historic neighbourhood’s analogous streets and see the restaurants that have brought their best European recipes and ambiances to the table! Experience a summer in Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Portugal, and more, via this address book of culinary wonders.

“First, Let’s Talk the South”

Portugal - Porto Mar, 201 Place d’Youville.

Here, you can almost feel the fresh ocean air, a warm breeze on your face, and the sound of crashing waves, all on your plate. Between the grilled fish and carefully selected wines, walking into this beautiful building of aged gray stone is like a call to vacation. Established in 2005, we really appreciate this restaurant’s straightforward, high-quality food. We recommend trying their fish of the day, for an absolutely fresh meal!

Only a few steps from Portugal, we arrive in Spain – at Pyrénées on 320 Saint-Paul Street, to be exact. Boasting a sunny menu all year long, their chefs will handily and tastefully prepare dishes that are themselves works of art and which burst with sunshine in each bite. We can hardly contain ourselves! We absolutely love the seafood paella, chorizo, and Catalan chicken, so attractively served, we’re drooling just thinking about it!

If we say L’Usine à Spaghetti, could you guess our next stop? We enter Italy at 273 Saint-Paul Street, into a warm ambiance that you will want to bask in the more you stay, especially if you’re a fan of pasta. Here, it is copious and served with almost any sauce. The dish that stands out among the rest? Their fresh lobster stuffed with Matane shrimp served over pesto and garlic butter spaghetti. It’s as magnificent as it sounds!

Our second favorite Italian scene is Scena, on Jacques-Cartier Quay!

It has an immense modern terrace that allows for plenty of room to dine and an amazing view over the port and the city. If you prefer to stay inside for the AC, their contemporary architecture, radiant colours, and tastefully chosen decoration will provide more than enough stunning views for you to enjoy. And just as tasteful are the dishes they masterfully present before you like a classic Italian objet d’art.

Ikanos, Greek Restaurant and Seafood Bar, 112 McGill

Ikanos is a true celebration of seafood. Fans of fish will be seduced and seafood savants will be charmed. Between their top sommeliers, renowned chefs, and impeccable service, you’ll be back with your whole entourage in tow. We love their outstanding oceanic dishes accompanied with fresh local ingredients harvested from their garden.

If you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, explore the Spanish treats at M. Churros Mme Banane in the Old Port. Your difficult choice here is to decide between their sugar churros, cinnamon churros, and their churro poutine (OMG!). You’ll also fall in love with their frozen chocolate-covered, sprinkle-coated bananas! It’s so Instagrammable that it’s almost a shame to have to eat it.

“The Centre of the Party!”

Our French cousins are here to welcome you to Marché de la Villette at 324 rue Saint-Paul. Charcuterie, escargot, salmon salad, and Alsatian cassolettes, among others – their no-frills comfort food has easily worked its way into our hearts! Everything here is so tempting, from their colourful entrees to their fruity desserts! Their “De La villette” dish, a savory fête of cheese and house charcuterie, makes you feel as if you are attending a musical ball. This dish will allow you to travel out of the country, if only for the length of a meal!

“And Let’s Not Forget the North”

One fish n’ chips, please! Find your way toward Brit And Chips on rue McGill.

Who among us hasn’t craved a “chippy” to fix a stubborn craving? This restaurant where they serve their dishes on large pages of newspaper will satisfy any time of the day! Their secret to success is their small plates overloaded with food that just begs to be eaten. Their fried food is perfectly crisp, their vegetables fresh, and their little pots of sauce are exquisite. It’s hard to give you our favourite food from this restaurant, all of it is just too good!

John Michael Pub, or Ireland within your grasp (458 Place Jacques-Cartier)

The relaxed ambience, simple menu and good fresh beer to beat the summer heat await you here at this pub. Everything here is tasty, including their beautiful burgers stamped with a “JMP” grill mark, their sweet potato fries, and their fish ‘n’ chips. But of course, the first think that comes to mind when you talk about Ireland is their suds, of course. And JMP’s drink menu is quite impressive, representing Canada, USA, Holland, Mexico, and Italy… There’s no doubt that you’ll be able to find the drink that fits you best!

Do you want a Norwegian salad? Mandy’s located at 425 rue Saint-Nicolas, can give you one of the best. While this restaurant isn’t a Norwegian specialty restaurant, we just love the idea of highlighting their numerous salads that quite live up to the same prestige as the fresh salads from that beautiful country. Mandy’s fried tuna salad, beautiful pieces of tuna laid on a bed of select veggies, will take you on a little trip through northern Europe. We promise, it’s a really quick round trip!

So, how was your trip to Europe?

PS: If you have a bit of a weakness for our neighbours down south, try the decadent Philly sub sandwich from the food truck Charlie’s Shack, or the burgers at Unibar.