24 Jun 2020

Time 2 minutes

Byproducts: Wearing le Vieux on our sleeve

Byproducts: Wearing le Vieux on our sleeve

In the past few months, our Gens du Vieux have redoubled their creativity to offer to their customers new ways to bring a little piece of them at home. By allowing clients to proudly show their support by wearing and using their signed items, they are also turning them into brand ambassadors.

Although derivatives will not replace customers, it is an original way to remain visible as well as diversifying their income while skillfully maintaining a connection with their fans.


In addition to their very practical reusable cups, the Cuban-inspired café also offers tote bags with quotes subtly influenced by the pop culture of the 90s!

Photo Credit: Cafécito


Like derivative products sold during rock band tours, Monopole Café has chosen to celebrate its 3rd anniversary by paying tribute to all the local businesses that have accompanied them on their adventure. The dose of love is guaranteed!

Photo Credit: Monopole

Olive et Gourmando

While waiting for the reopening (take out only) which took place on June 4, we could still try to satisfy our desires for good comfort food at home thanks to the cookbook published just before the holidays. It’s now available to us to recreate the sandwiches that have made Dyan Solomon famous!

Le Vin dans les Voiles

Are you a fan of organic and biodynamic wines that are selected with passion and attention to detail? The team behind the private importing agency Le Vin dans les Voiles has made it easy to proudly display your love for their divine products with their t-shirts and crewnecks. Good to know: you can let the wine take you on a tasteful adventure with one of the Discovery boxes, available on their online store!

Photo Credit: Agence Amen

Le Petit Dep

It is possible to carry with you a touch of magic from Le Petit Dep throughout the day thanks to their reusable water bottles and coffee cups.


In addition to the tasty cookbook that was already available on the shelves, Venice brings to their sweaters the "Cali Vibe" that we love so much! It’s the place to go if you want to give this summer a trendy relaxed West Coast twist!

Slice and soda

At the cottage or the day after a party, the Slice and Soda hoodies are as comforting as their pizzas and homemade sodas with pleasant bursting tastes.

Café Ludo & Panda Boxing

Café and hallway for Panda Boxing at the same time, Café Ludo is also full of branded items including stickers, skateboards, t-shirts and many more! New to the neighborhood, the team is brimming with creative and refreshing ideas.

Photo Credit: Ludo Café


Like its cuisine, the design of the Marusan's t-shirts and sweaters has a distinctive and refined identity. The establishment that won a Grand Prix du Design in 2017 is beautifully illustrated on the back of each piece.