11 Aug 2020

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Address Book: Quick and Healthy Food

Address Book: Quick and Healthy Food

Just because you’ve had a full day of working or vacationing and you’re gnawing on your thumb with hunger, doesn’t necessarily mean you need to resort to junk food for sustenance. There are plenty of quick stops in the Vieux where you can eat well or grab a savoury, fresh, healthy meal for the trip back home or to your hotel. We’re here to tell you that you’ve got quick and healthy options!

Aloha Espresso Bar – 15, rue de la Commune Ouest

At this Hawaiian restaurant, you will find succulent poké bowls, and their acclaimed Acai and Pitaya bowls, as well as a huge selection of smoothies (we can’t stop thinking about the bold and beautiful Pink Panther!). And as its name suggests, coffee lovers won’t be disappointed! Aloha Espresso Bar offers lattes and iced espresso drinks, but also has rarer beverages, such as the Red-Beet Latte – a velvety mix of beets, raspberries, berries, and vanilla (organic powder). Here, eating healthy and good taste go hand in hand!

La Méditerranée Counter and Café – 374, rue Notre-Dame Ouest

A taste of the Mediterranean on your plate! Salads, paninos, juices, and smoothies – everything is fresh and healthy at La Méditerranée! This restaurant on Notre-Dame Street will surely satiate vegetarians, but also anyone who loves a good, traditional ham and emmental baguette. The brightly-coloured and healthy-sized dishes are a great invitation to swing by. And for the times when you’re less busy, they share recipes from their chef on their facebook page, like their take on tabbouleh, which we’ve already promised ourselves we’d try.

Chez Mère-Grand – 800, rue Berri

Their Chef Sandwiches, Grandma’s Salads, and Picnic Baskets to go are all homemade with fresh and local ingredients.The warm atmosphere and gourmet dishes make this niche little place well worth the visit! Fans of chocolatines (or pain au chocolat, we’re not here to open that argument back up) are well met – Barbara and Romain have everything necessary for busy, yet demanding taste buds. You can also turn to their delicacies shelf to buy some of their house jellies and packaged items to take with you to eat later!

Please note that Chez Mère-Grand is closed on Sundays during the summer.

Super loco - 310, rue Saint-Paul Ouest

Do you have Mexican food on the mind? Come discover Super loco, who offers a whole selection of freshly prepared empanadas – for take out only. Their attention to quality is such that, if you wish to buy hot empanadas, they request that you order them directly from the counter rather than calling in to order by phone or online (for more than a dozen empanadas of the same flavour), in order to offer you the highest-quality and freshest product.

They also have many vegetarian and vegan options.

Crux Comptoir – 411, rue Saint-Nicolas

Since 2014, under the direction of its founder Alexa, this vegan-with-vegetarian-options juice and smoothie bar wagered everything they had on ultimate freshness, and it worked! With COVID, we’re waiting till we’re able to go eat there again, but in the meantime, you can reserve your weekly dishes or juice cures online to pick up! Crux Comptoir has a large variety of cold-press juices, without water, sugar, or preservatives, as well as wraps, fresh salads, and ready-to-eat dishes.

Mandy’s – 425, rue Saint-Nicolas

Mandy’s salad-based meals have become their specialty over the years, so if you want to pack some vitamins and greens into your diet, this is the perfect place to do it! Whether you go for one of their signature salads, like the Habibi or the perfectly named Summer Salad, or one of their “grain bowls”, like the Protein Bomb or the Hippie, your body will thank you for the healthy, revitalizing sustenance. For the more adventurous eaters out there, you can also create your own salad if you wish!

We also want to take advantage of this time to remind you that you can pick up a copy of their recipe book, and explore some of your favourite Mandy’s recipes from the comfort of your own home.

© Photo Credit 1-2 : Mandy's