05 Nov 2021

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Address Book: corporate gifts in Old Montreal

Address Book: corporate gifts in Old Montreal

Fa la la’s at the ready: Once you’ve set the Christmas party, you can follow our (non-exhaustive) list of boutiques, presented here, for company gifts to spoil your employees and clients. Whether you’re gift-seeking for a group of gourmands or looking for designer gifts, stuff for well-being, personalized gifts, or a readymade solution, there is something for all styles and budgets that still carries that original and chic “le Vieux” touch.

Useful and Pleasant Gifts

Mimi & August: Brighten Up a Grey Day

Here you can find toques that can be personalized with your logo and which have been made in Peru using fair and equitable practices, as well as their candles that quickly become mugs with an illustration you can enjoy afterward. We love the great sense of humour this little brand shows through its products.

For more information: wholesale@mimihammer.com

L’empreinte: Local, Varied, and Well-Organized

This boutique in le Vieux didn’t hesitate to suggest some great holiday ideas to their clients, and has released their own seasonal gift idea lists: 3 Ways to Personalize Your Business Gifts , The Top 5 Works to Give Your Employees, and, from the l’Empreinte Co-op, our Corporate Offers. A lively little shop where you can find many gifts to fill your sack!

For more information: info@lempreintecoop.com ou (514) 861-4427

Artisans Canada: Local with a Gens du Vieux Discount

Artisans Canada is a wonderful place to check for wonderful Canadian-made corporate gifts and customizable company baskets at favorable rates for your co-workers, children’s teachers, and important partners and clients. Visit their actual store, or view their gifts section online!

For more information: service@artisanscanada.com

Note: A discount of 10% in-store is always available for Gens du Vieux, making this a great place to pick up your gifts!

Festive and Foodie Gifts

Délices Érable & Cie: Today’s Flavour with Yesterday’s Charm

Among the classics of the season, we love the comforting sumptuousness of all things maple. Be it the classic syrup or maple flakes, our golden maple is one of those flavours that blends well with any sauce, and the baskets from this co-op will allow you to discover local producers that we love to support!

For more information: (514) 765-3456

Chocosina: Chocolate Malt Balls and Flavourful Garland

This little shop on Saint-Sulpice Street is one of Old Montreal’s gourmet stops. “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get,” as Forrest Gump’s famous saying goes. But one thing is certain, each fine chocolate from Chocosina that you pluck from the box is a guarantee of deliciousness! Several choices and different baskets are available.

For more information: (514) 504-9002

Le Petit Dep: Varied, Readymade Gifts

What we love about this turquoise-fronted building is the variety in their products, which is most apparent in their holiday gift boxes. And the box packaging even has the businesses’ same signature colour! You can also choose from themes – gourmet snacks, spa day, sweet tooth, young mom. There’s a lot to go through, so try not to get tempted to take them all home for yourself! Additionally, you can also create a personalized gift box.

For more information: web@lepetitdep.com or you may purchase directly online

N.B.: If your business also offers company gifts for the holidays, or even the rest of the year, we would love to add it to this list. Please let us know by writing to us at: info@sdcvieuxmontreal.com

Photos: Mimi and August, Chocosina, Artisans Canada