26 Nov 2018

Time 3 minutes

10 Holiday Time Activities for Art Lovers

10 Holiday Time Activities for Art Lovers

Are you looking for activities to do during your winter vacation? Why not come discover the cultural and artistic events in Old Montreal? Here are 10 activities for art lovers to see during this holiday season.

Galerie 203

The spot to be for lovers of art is at Galerie 203 ! Here, you will find expositions featuring paintings, photography, screen prints and sculptures by artists from Quebec and beyond. Very pleasing to the eyes!

Mon Shack au Québec

Come support local artisans and creators at Mon Shack au Québec ! Discover all sorts of creations, gems and objets d’art that will surely strike inspiration into you for your holiday shopping!

Centre PHI - VR Cinema

Film buffs, experience the seventh art differently, and plunge into the heart of the action with these short projections in VR at Centre PHI ! An immersive experience like you have never seen before!

10 activités des Fêtes pour les amateurs d'art

© Centre Phi

Marguerite-Bourgeoys Museum – Exposition: Universal Jerusalem

A mythical city unlike any that exist today, and a veritable historical treasure for numerous cultures and religious, Jerusalem’s secrets are revealed this winter through an exposition made in collaboration with the Italian Culture Institute of Montreal. Come see this photography-focused exposition that depicts the Franciscans’ work in Jerusalem during the dawn of the 20th century, for the first time at the Marguerite-Bourgeoys Museum.

Galerie Beauchamp

Whether your style is more abstract, contemporary or just photography, Galerie Beauchamp has art to fit all tastes! During your vacation, come discover new local artists and artists hailing from elsewhere. Their creations will fascinate you!

Union Box Design

In December, Union Box Design presents the exposition “La Couleur” where you can see talented artists, painters and photographers. Their coloured works will assuredly brighten up your winter!

DHC /ART – Exposition: Jasmina Cibic

Dive into the world of Jasmina Cibic with this exposition that aims to show the public the ways in which governments instrumentalize culture to form its identity and national representation. This incredibly fascinating event is not to be missed under any circumstance at the DHC/ART.

10 activités des Fêtes pour les amateurs d'art

© Jasmina Cibic, Nada: Act II (production still), 2017. HD video. Photo: Pete Moss, courtesy of the artist.

Galerie LeRoyer

If you’re looking to discover original, modern works, seek out Galerie LeRoyer, where you will no doubt find what you’re searching for! Since 1995, the gallery has endeavoured to introduce the public to new talent and remarkable artworks.

10 activités des Fêtes pour les amateurs d'art

©Galerie LeRoyer - Geneviève Giguère

Ashukan Cultural Space

For your vacation, why not visit Ashukan Cultural Space to discover works from aboriginal artists and learn more about their culture? Who knows, maybe you will find some gift ideas for your loved ones at the same time!

Galerie Blanche

If you like contemporary art especially, then this is the place for you! Paintings or sculptures, Galerie Blanche continually shows contemporary works from Canadian artists for your viewing pleasure!

© Galerie Blanche Geneviève Giguère

With these 10 activities for art lovers, you will definitely have stuff to fill your time during the holiday vacations. Take part in these enjoyable evenings shared with your friends or family – or maybe even a crush! Share your experiences with us!