The ghosts of Notre-Dame west

The ghosts of Notre-Dame west

When the new meets the old

– First phase of a revitalization project for Notre-Dame west –

The purpose of this project was to re-energize Notre-Dame street between Saint-Laurent and McGill streets and give it a character all its own. To publicize the mission, three street art performances were held in October 2014. The theme was a contemporary interpretation of “Les vestiges de la rue Notre-Dame” (vestiges of Notre-Dame street).

A number of artists from the A’Shop agency therefore did their thing before a captivated audience, and their giant canvas was exhibited outdoors on the street for several days.

A “strange” company by the name of Fantômes Montréal Ghosts also contributed to this neighbourhood revitalization initiative with performers specialized in regaling crowds with their historical chronicles.

In partnership with Ville-Marie Borough.


2014 Edition