Places D’Armes Music Zone

Places D’Armes Music Zone

Make your lunchtime a moment of escape with our summer concerts program.

Every day during summer, from Monday to Friday at lunchtime, the SDC Old-Montreal is collaborating with the Ville-Marie borough to offer you at the heart of Places d’Armes, a special area dedicated to emerging artists with free summer concerts taking place outside: The Places d’Armes Music Zone. Featuring a variety of music from folk-rock, Hindi-rock to R&B and pop music, the Music Zone’s program is very diverse and will highlight the new talents of Montreal's music scene.

  • Official partner: the Ville-Marie borough
  • Collaborator of the program: Francouvertes

The Place d’Armes Music Zone is intended for people doing business in the Old-Montreal, tourists and the locals. With 60 concerts this year, including jazz performances on Thursdays, the SDC Old-Montreal wants to create a real symbiosis between the soul of the neighborhood and the communities that dynamize it, even if it’s just for a lunch break. In this spirit, the SDC also hopes to build a bridge between the Old-Montreal and its new clientele who is young and growing, just like the artists of the Music Zone.

2019 Program: From June 17th to September 6th / From Noon to 1PM / Directly on Places d’Armes

17 Jambori Jambora
18 Aleksi Campagne
19 Salimo
20 Des Sourcils
21 Dominic Dagenais

24 Renard Blanc
25 Bule
26 Saint-Pier
27 YUL 4tet
28 BellA Forté

1 Grand Splendid
2 La Famille Day
3 uRockaoke
4 Dave Gossage Septet
5 Double Date With Death

8 Uncle Funkle
9 Alex Burger
10 Rayannah
11 Early Jazz Band
12 Joannie Benoit

15 Longtoe
16 Caracol
17 Marie-Gold
18 Trio MG / Dover / Berthiaume
19 Beige à cœur

22 Beatrice Deer
23 Will Driving West
24 Ramon Chicharron
25 Eyevin Trio
26 Gabriel Newlands

29 Coment Debord
30 Barrdo
31 Of Taste And Sound

1 Mark Nelson's Sympathetic Frequencies
2 Millimetrik

5 Fuudge
6 Dave Harmo
7 Búmerang
8 Leaf
9 De.Ville

12 O.B.G.
13 Dear Denizen
14 Perdrix
15 Nick Di Giovanni Quartet
16 Funk Lion

19 L'Amalgame
20 Marie-Ève Laure
21 Sarah Rossy Chamber Ensemble
22 John Roney
23 Catherine Dagenais

26 Poulin
27 Uurruubbuurruu
28 The New Ministry
29 Lawful Citizen
30 Tremblay

2 Anaïs Constantin
3 Kyra Shaughnessy
4 P'tit Belliveau et les Grosses Coques
5 Nora Toutain
6 Heïka

Pictures: Artistes Francouvertes 2019


*In case of bad weather, the concerts will be cancelled