Flashmode Old Montreal

Flashmode Old Montreal

Old Montreal’s fashion event of the year

Long a unique, well-known destination, Old Montreal is now making its mark as a trendy district. The concentration of design workshops and boutiques there is definitely on the rise. With events such as FLASHMODE Vieux-Montréal, an occasional impromptu gala evening, the old quarter flashed its status as a trend influencer in the fashion industry, upheld its efforts to stand out in terms of design style and quality, and enhanced its positioning as a first-line destination for aficionados of avant-garde design.

Initiated in 2013, the event was developed to put the fashion trends available in Old Montreal on display for the media and fashion industry types, as well as the area’s business community, which may well constitute a prime target clientèle for Old Montreal’s fashion offering.

The FLASHMODE event now boasts two editions: that of 2013, which was an integral part of the 25th edition of Montreal’s fashion week and featured artistic director Dick Walsh and his Walsh Lab Design, followed by the 2014 edition, which was presented in collaboration with the Accès Mode company, the L’ELOI agency, and several influential fashion bloggers.

In partnership with Ville-Marie Borough.


1st Edition | September 4, 2013, Auberge Saint-Gabriel

2nd Edition | October 1, 2014, The Darling Foundry

2013 edition ©Georges Alexandar

2014 edition ©Maxime Caron