Conference on Old Montreal’s future

Conference on Old Montreal’s future

A conference on the district’s future

Initiated by SDC Vieux-Montréal (the Old Montreal business development corporation) in 2013, the AVENIR VIEUX-MONTRÉAL (the future of Old Montreal) conference aims to bring together any and all partners and influencers who have a stake in the old quarter’s economic development. The basic goal is to encourage dialogue on important issues and projects that look promising in terms of visibility for Old Montreal. This event also brings together the quarter’s business people, retailers, workers and residents, all of whom are deeply interested in what is happening in their neighbourhood.

In partnership with Ville-Marie Borough.


1st Edition // November 12, 2013, Centre Phi

Introduction to the conference

  • Robert Astell, Attorney | President, SDC Vieux-Montréal (capsule)
  • Alain Dufort | General Manager, Ville-Marie Borough (capsule)
  • Alain Dubuc | Journalist and conference host (capsule)
  • Danièle Boulard | Independent researcher, and Benoit Duguay | Professor, ESG UQÀM (capsule)

BLOCK 1: French as a language of business

  • Martin Bergeron | Public relations officer and spokesperson, Office québécois de la langue française – OQLF (capsule)

BLOCK 2: Communities and neighbourhood life

  • Roxanne Pitre | Inspector and Chief of police station 21, SPVM (capsule)
  • Aubin Boudreau | Director General, Accueil Bonneau (capsule)

BLOCK 3: Business development

  • Léopold Turgeon | CEO, Conseil québécois du commerce de détail (CQCD – Quebec retail business council)(capsule)
  • Christian Bourque | Vice-President, Léger Marketing

BLOCK 4: Old Montreal | A strategic destination

  • Nathalie Gaudet | Project coordinator, Comité Croisières Montréal (capsule)
  • Daniel Dorey | Senior Vice-President, Canada Lands Company (capsule)
  • Julie Payette | Vice-President, Canada Lands Company, and Director, Montreal Science Centre (capsule)
  • Chrystine Loriaux | Director of marketing and communications, Palais des congrès de Montréal (Montreal convention centre) (capsule)
  • Yves Lalumière | CEO, Tourisme Montréal (capsule)
  • Gilbert Rozon | Celebrations commissioner, Société des célébrations du 375e anniversaire de Montréal (Montreal’s 375th anniversary celebration corporation) (capsule)

>> Agenda – 1st edition | Program

2nd edition | November 11-12th, 2015 – Phi Centre

BLOCK 1: Business | Strategy and Innovation

  • 2nd Edition // November 11 – 12, 2014, Centre Phi
  • Jacques Nantel | Professor, Marketing education department, HEC Montréal (capsule)
  • Louise Ménard | Owner and President, and Bruno Ménard | Vice-President, IGA Les Marchés Louise Ménard Inc. (capsule)
  • Jean-Paul Chauvet | Senior Executive, LightSpeed Retail, and Pierre-Benoit Duhamel | Owner and founder, Clusier Habilleur (capsule)

BLOCK 2: Building the future | Reflection on the management and planning of a historic district

  • Jean-Paul L’Allier, Attorney | Former provincial minister and former mayor of Quebec City (capsule)
  • David Malboeuf | Partner, Boston Consulting Group, and Félix-Antoine Joli-Coeur | Project coordinator, je vois mtl (capsule)

BLOCK 3: Old Montreal // A sensory experience

  • Phyllis Lambert | Director and Founder Emeritus, Canadian Centre for Architecture, and Alain Dubuc | Journalist and conference host (capsule)


  • Denis Coderre | Mayor of Montreal, and Mario Lafrance | Director General, SDC Vieux-Montréal (capsule)

>>Agenda – 2nd edition | Program

3rd Edition // November 17th, 2015 @ Centre Phi
Approached topic : TOURISM

2015 Conferences

BLOCK 1 : Knowledge (capsule)

  • Paul Arsenault | Holder, Transat Chair in Tourism of the ESG UQÀM

BLOCK 1 : panel 1 (capsule)

  • Paul Arsenault | Holder, Transat Chair in Tourism of the ESG UQÀM
  • Jacques Pelletier | President of the council, director and founder, l’Observateur
  • Dyan Solomon | Chef and Owner, Olive + Gourmand
  • Paul Simier | Journalist specializing in tourism, conference-giver, collaborator with Tourisme Plus and co-founder , TourismExpress
  • François Lacoursiere | Executive Vice-President and Senior Partner, Sid Lee

BLOCK 2 : Recognition (capsule)

  • Michel Bourdon | Vice-President, Sales and Convention Services, Tourisme Montréal
  • Patrizia Dri | Director of Media, Leisure Market and Member Services, Tourisme Montréal
  • Lynn Habel | Social media and content manager, Tourisme Montréal

BLOCK 3 : Persuasion (capsule)

  • Paul Arsenault | Holder, Transat Chair in Tourism of the ESG UQÀM

BLOCK 3 : Panel 2 (capsule)

  • Paul Arsenault | Holder, Transat Chair in Tourism of the ESG UQÀM
  • Jeff Lee | Creative and Marketing Consultant, Maybe Jeff Lee
  • Pascal Lefebvre | Co-Founder and President and CEO, Piknic Élektronik and Igloofest
  • Dimitri Antonopoulos | Vice-President Marketing and Hotel & Restaurant Development, Groupe Antonopoulos
  • Karine Miron | Digital strategy director, Parkour3

    >Agenda – 3rd editionPress Release – 3rd edition

4th Edition // To be developed!