The Main Street transformation

The Main Street transformation

Initiatives for the Main Street transformation program regarding the complete restoration of Saint-Paul Street

Green corridor on Saint-Amable street

Saint-Amable Street is coming to life thanks to the partnership between the SDC Old-Montreal and the Department of Economic Development of the city of Montreal. This project is part of the Main Street transformation program and aims to dynamize the sector of Saint-Paul East during its renovation.

With that in mind, big flower arches and many plants and street furnitures have been installed in order to create a green corridor on Saint-Amable Street, near Jacques-Cartier Square. The aim of this project is to create the most ridership where Saint-Paul Street is being renovated.

Window cleaning service and cleaning staff

Cleaning teams are mobilized every week in order to maintain the quality of the environment around the renovation sector and limit the irritants caused by the construction site. During the renovation, a window cleaning service is offered daily to ensure a consistent maintenance of the commercial windows.

Moreover, a cleaning staff is exclusively dispatched to the construction site every day of the week. This staff will ensure the constant cleanliness on the public area, but they will also take care of cleaning the entrances of the shops and restaurants located near the renovation site.

Information officer

During the summery season, information officers will be on the construction site to help the clients navigate the site and inform passersby about the commercial offers on Saint-Paul Street. The visitors will be advised about the nearby shops and the current promotional offers.

Information boards

Information boards have been made in order to maximize the visibility of the shops near the construction site. The boards display a map of the site and allow the visitors to visualize the different shops according to their products and services.

If you have a question or a special request regarding the projects, please reach out to :

Philippe Tremblay, project manager

514-732-8685 ext 104 / ptremblay@sdcvieuxmontreal.com