A novel networking activity

There is no doubt that team-building activities are all the rage. As it turns out, good neighbourliness is also quite the thing. Based on these two principles, SDC Vieux-Montréal (the Old Montreal business development corporation) decided to devise a new initiative to rally its business community. The result was a plan to set up a game of bocce in a casual, unpretentious setting. Evidently, bocce ball is no longer your grandfather’s game! Today, this Mediterranean pastime is back with a vengeance. The congenial spirit it inspires never fails to captivate new practitioners, and there is no doubting the many opportunities for friendly banter provided by this good-natured competition.

Ever seeking to institute unusual and new-fangled activities in the old quarter, SDC saw the potential this new, unconventional trend had for bringing together the district’s business people and giving them an opportunity to network. In 2014, SDC therefore decided to set up an official bocce ball tournament: Apéro-Pétanque.

This networking activity proved so popular among members that they soon formed the Club Pétanque Vieux-Montréal (Old Montreal bocce club). In fact, at the tournament, the new bocce adepts proudly sported their colours on their club t-shirts.

Given the success of the previous editions, SDC can readily affirm that in Old Montreal, the art of bocce is no longer the exclusive prerogative of our Mediterranean cousins. The business community has considerably strengthened its links by adopting this enjoyable and friendly game. We’ll see you out there!


1st Edition | September 2014 – Place d’Youville

2nd edition | August 2015 – Old Port of Montreal

If you’re a member of the SDC, as a retailer or business office, and would like to take part in next year’s bocce ball tournament for the Old Montreal business community,

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Photos : ©Kelly Jacob