Velvet Speakeasy


Velvet rapidly imposed itself as THE trendiest nightclub in Montreal, a city internationally renown for its nightlife. The hottest fashionistas, hipsters, Djs, designers, artists, religiously flock every week along with trashy starlets, pretty boys with hair to make a woman jealous, and eccentric transvestites. Vertiginous high heels. Aggressive cleavage. Scandalous minis. Everything to make your experience insanely exciting, chic, and sexy.Inside the under-belly of a historic Montreal inn built in 1754, is a gorgeous stone-walled room. To get there, one must enter the Inn and then be escorted by a doorman towards the basement. After making your way down a long, dark, candle-lit corridor, you have arrived in what can only be called a parallel universe.A thousand candles slowly drip their wax onto the floor. Thick smoke surrounds a hundred bodies entranced to the sounds of the music on the dancefloor. A woman in a provocatively tight leopard-print dress slowly moves her figure from side to side, while lounging on a Louis XV sofa. Two barmaids in quasi-identical dresses distribute drinks, cocktails and friendly smiles. One gets the impression of being in a clandestine yet trendy dive, a London speakeasy, or a prohibition-era New York bar.The drinks menu, absolutely mind-blowing, participates in the club's reputation. One can find on it well-researched and unusual mixtures of hard liquor, spices, fine herbs and diverse fruits. An explosion of originality and quality.But beware, one does not frequent Velvet to pretend stardom. The establishment has its base deeply-rooted in the city's best underground electronic music DJs, as well as with high caliber guest artists from around the Planet.

420 Rue Saint Gabriel, Montreal, Quebec, Canadá