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Rap. is dedicated to the service of progress. Humanist progress based on individual and social fulfillment – growth must always go hand in hand with wellbeing.

Rap. is a haven for creative freedom, without borders between emotion and function, commerce and culture, tradition and innovation.By design, Rap. strives to bring – to life and to living – novel visions that inspire critical reflection. At the heart of their efforts is the close attention we pay to the needs and goals of their clients and partners, so that we can jointly actualize projects that all can identify with.Rap. supports the commitment and contributions of the instigators and agents of change: the visionaries.

Founded in 2015, Rap. is a progressive design agency specialized in brand identity and artistic direction.

Rap. is a core of strategic thinkers and advisors who surround themselves with the most qualified specialists from all disciplines, according to the demands of each project.Their fields of action: visual, textual, physical, spatial, acoustic and digital. Their reach: commercial, social and artistic.Rap. is rooted in Montreal, a cosmopolitan metropolis on the leading edge of arts and creativity, and an international axis for AI R&D.Rethink. Act. Provoke.

477, rue Saint-François-Xavier, bureau 208
Montréal, Québec, H2Y 2T2

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