Pointe-à-Callière, cité d'archéologie et d'histoire de Montréal

Art & culture

Pointe-à-Callière, cité d'archéologie et d'histoire de Montréal, the birthplace of Montréal and a National Historic Site, offers visitors the opportunity to explore history through an original underground circuit leading through archaeological excavations. At the start of their visit, an immersive multimedia show presents a high-speed view of the city’s history, the remains come to life and the countdown begins! Inaugurated in May 2017, the exhibition “Where Montréal Began” invites visitors to walk on a glass floor above the vestiges for Fort Ville-Marie, the first habitation of Montréal. To get there, crossing the “Memory Collector” will capture all in a multi sensorial experience, in the heart of the first sewer collector built in North America. Never before seen in Montréal! The museum also offers year-round temporary local and international exhibitions. See website for rates schedules.

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350 Place Royale, Ville-Marie, Montreal, Québec H2Y 3Y5, Canada