Panda Boxing

Relaxation & well-being

Panda Boxing is a premier boxing studio and their mission is to help you absolutely crush your fitness and wellness goals. Their classes and group sessions are modelled on old and new school boxing techniques, making for exciting, hardcore workouts and a full body burn sure to leave you sweating—and empower you to the fullest. Their team of coaches are there to guide you on your journey of self-excellence as you push yourself to new, life-changing limits.

You’ll find them in an underground gym in a vibrant, art-filled arena that energizes, engages, and inspires. More than just a space to train, Panda Boxing is a whole new lifestyle—one for active, driven people who want to get that knockout physique and finally unleash the physical and mental strength that’s always been inside them.

Come leave it all in the ring!

640 Rue Saint-Paul Ouest, Montréal, Québec H3C 1L9, Canada