Milan Pole Dance Studio

Relaxation & well-being

Milan Pole Dance Studio was founded in Milan, Italy, in March 2010 by a young Canadian lawyer and mother of three who regained her physical shape thanks to pole dancing. The studio is located in the heart of Montreal’s trendy Old Montreal in a beautiful space with an urban and sophisticated design. Many types of classes are offered such as Pole Basic, Pole Gym, Flexibility, Exotic Dance, Pole Contemporary, Pole Conditioning, as well as private lessons, parties, bachelorettes and even a Pole Summer Camp! The poles used are 38mm brass spinning poles. Milan Pole Dance Studio’s team creates fun and effective workouts designed to energize pole dancers. Women of every age, size and shape are invited to discover pole dance! Working out should be fun!

50 Saint Jacques Street, Montreal, QC H2Y 1L3, Canada