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OUR UNIQUE SYSTEMWith Mentel as your IT resource, you’re getting flexibility, diversity, and security. Your company’s stability no longer rests on one person or a small select group of people. It instead has the backing of an entire IT department.Our Peace of Mind program allows knowledge transfer, resource backup, and collaboration to be a part of your IT department’s culture. The drama that once plagued your company is gone, your new culture is stability.WEB AND IT KNOWLEDGEPHP/LAMP, Ruby, Python, .NET, Java, JS, Mobile, CMS, E-Commerce, MySQL, NoSQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SAP, UI/Ux design, Front-end developement, IOS developement, Cloud, Orchestration, Virtualization, Migration, Storage & Data, Auditing, Security, Networking

239 Notre-Dame ouest, bureau 300, Montréal, Québec, H2Y 1T4

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