Me Robert Masson

Business Offices

Robert Masson has 15 years of experience as joined ENGINEER with 23 years of experience as LAWYER, he is member of the order of the Engineers of Quebec since 1974 and member of the Bar of Quebec since 1987. APPROVED ARBITRATOR (ADR Canada) in civil, commercial and corporate material; accredited by IMAQ (Institute of mediation and arbitration(refereeing) of Quebec), by ADR Institute of Ontario, by CAM (Centro of arbitraje of México). Since 1997, Mrs Masson made more than 150 arbitrations in domains commercial and of the insurance(assurance); in the field of the construction; in contract law, in business law (corporate and commercial) and in property law.

300 rue du Saint-Sacrement
Montréal, Québec, H2Y 1X4