The new glasses brand Lunetis is coming to Canada and they are opening their first store in the Old-Port of Montréal. With a contemporary and sophisticated concept, the first flagship will be located at the heart of the health neighborhood, just across the new CHUM. They are offering unique and high-quality frames at a competitive price. In addition to their frames for eye glasses and sunglasses, Lunetis also offers frames in collaboration with Réseau Vos Oreilles. These frames have a special auditory solution with the latest technology and are accessible to everyone. An exclusive Lunetis collection designed by the artist Cindy Crasson will also be available at the store.Trendy, classic and using high-quality metal, Lunetis is a brand that will please people from all age ! For 140$ onwards, they offer a complete service that includes the frames, the glasses and the necessary adjustment. Just make an appointment with one of their specialists and they will advise you and provide you with the best service!Discover the rest of their collections on those who want a trendy and affordable pair of glasses, Lunetis is the place to be!

450 Rue Saint Antoine Est, Montréal, QC H2Y 1A5, Canada

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