Ludo Café

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Ludo Café is an urban underground café offering a multitude of services and located only a few steps away from the main streets of Old Montreal. As this café is named after the famous fox Ludo, they embody all that is creativity, community, ''pop art'' and ''fitness'' by making this space shine with art and a selection of various goodies such as stickers, skateboards and more.

At Ludo Café, you can expect to find a ton of healthy snacks enriched with protein and smoothies with recipes developed by Seed & Rind, which makes it the ideal place to eat or take nutritious snacks and drinks. Only good fuel!

In this space, you will feel at home, whether you just want to have a cup of coffee or chat with your friends, Ludo Café is the place to be!

For your information, Ludo Café is located right at the entrance to Panda Boxing, a club that offers high-intensity boxing sessions designed to inspire you to give your best!

663 Rue Saint-Paul Ouest, Montréal, QC, Canada