Le Petit Sao


The family adventure of Le Petit Sao started in 2013 on Nuns' Island. They then opened a kiosque in Atwater Market and another Petit Sao in Pointe St-Charles.

Le Petit Sao offers classic and delicious "Bun" Bowls, savoury vermicelli salads with plenty of different choices and uncountable flavours.

You could also try Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwiches), chicken Tonkinese soups "Pho", fresh spring rolls, nems that are still rolled by the owner's mother (a classic item that built the reputation of the brand) and different drinks, like their unique lemonades and Vietnamese Coffee.

For now, the Old-Montreal location decided only to offer takeout service or delivery, in addition to its corporate catering service.

If you don't know where to eat while the dining room is closed, don’t panic! In front of Le Petit Sao, on Notre-Dame Street, the Pigeon Hole park offers a green space in the heart of the neighbourhood, with tables and chairs. Perfect for enjoying your Petit Sao picnic box!

Hours and further details can be found on the company’s website.

237 Notre-Dame Street West, Montreal, QC, Canada