Heritage Gallery

Fashion & design

Heritage is a small family-run gallery located in the heart of Old Montreal. Founded in 1988, Heritage Gallery is the result of a passion for fur, traditions, Aboriginal art, and artisanal craft. It is now an address of choice for anyone interested in Canadian heritage.

Heritage Gallery offers a wide variety of coats and accessories, carefully crafted by experienced master furriers from top-quality skins.

Its exclusive collection of Inuit art features sculptures by Canada’s finest Inuit artists, inspired by Inukshuks, the human-like stone structures that serve as pathmarkers, and animal representations, such as the Dancing Bear, a theme dear to the people of Canada’s far north. Also worth the detour are the earth tone coloured sculptures typical of the Six Nations, where effigies of the Eagle and Mother Nature dominate.

30 Saint-Paul Est, Montreal, Québec, H2Y 1G3