Food with a conscience


Food with a Conscience is a Montreal based company. Their office is located in the heart of the Old Montreal and their kitchen is in the Ritz Carlton, in Downtown Montreal.

Their kitchen is kosher and Mehadrin and it is certified under the MK. They provide kosher meals for airlines, hospitals and senior homes. They also offer Kosher High Tea at the Ritz-Carlton Montreal!

Food with a Conscience serves a variety of teas, pastries, deserts and party sandwiches to its clients. All Food with a Conscience recipes, menus and products evaluated are Balance Assessed. This means that they are assessed according to the highest standards of nutrition, safety, quality, and taste.

    TECH :

    • Developed Supply Maestro, a Supplier Management System, an efficient and standardized system which allows its clients to deliver safe, healthy and high quality food to the public.

    240 Rue Saint-Jacques, Montréal, QC H2Y 1L9, Canada