Coopérative d'Artisans l'Empreinte

Fashion & design

L’Empreinte coopérative Montréal is an institution based in Quebec in the field of professional arts and crafts due to its history, the passion of its artisans and its timeless boutique. The mission of this institution is to promote and democratize Quebec's fine crafts by distributing the works and products of local professional artisans. Over time, the Cooperative Footprint has become the showcase for fine crafts in Quebec.

Located in the heart of Old Montreal, the Empreinte boutique is a magnificent place where you can unearth a variety of hand-made items by passionate Quebec artisans. Over the years, the Empreinte cooperative store has become synonymous with quality Quebec products. Thanks to the wide variety of unique crafts, customers can find jewelry, fashion items, games and toys, ceramics, tableware and more! Over the years, the boutique has also presented the work of nearly 500 professional Quebec artisans.

88 rue Saint-Paul Est Montréal, Québec, H2Y 1G6