Communications DEMO

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Founded in Québec City in 1989, Communications DEMO serves over 350 clients and has been the official print press review provider to the Québec government since 1994 and since 2002 for the radio-TV counterpart. The company is renowned for the quality of the information it provides, a reputation largely based on customer satisfaction. Communication Demo is a young, dynamic company with innovative production methods that quickly gave it a head start on the competition. Communication Demo specializes in the following fields It provides those working in the world of communications with an invaluable service: media monitoring. This gives you the power to react quickly and efficiently to information that is published or broadcast in Québec, whether you want your communications department to analyse the media's perception of your company or organization, to check on your advertisements, or to be the first to know what the competition is up to. Communication Demo specializes in the following fieldsFirstly, our press review service takes care of the reading, research, compilation, copying, and sending of all press clippings relevant to issues affecting your business or organization. We do this by analyzing some 300 publications, including a broad cross-section of the Québec press.Secondly, our radio & television monitoring service listens attentively to news bulletins and public affairs programs from more than 100 major and local stations everywhere in Québec.

407 rue McGill, Montréal, Québec, H2Y 2G3