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We have 15 years of experience in ice products and desserts.

The cause of Chat-Colate was the adoption of abandoned cats. During the six years of our lives, we understood the meaning of life better through cats. That's why I wanted to create an ice shop about understanding cats and human 's life. Learn about cats through ice products, desserts, and chocolates, and let more people understand the current situation of cats in the city. Almost all of our products are handmade. Many product ideas are also made through the personality of cats and their favorite fruits.

We hope to make people love our products and understand the relationship between cats and people better through our expertise. In such busy and stressful times, they have indeed changed our lives.

In addition, to thank those non-profit organisations and SPCAs who have helped me. Every year Chat-Colate regularly donates to these institutions. These are also made to thank the customers who like Chat-Colate.

31 Rue de la Commune E, Montreal, QC H2Y 1H9, Canada